Jussit in English

The South Ostrobothnian Male Voice Choir, Jussit

was formed in 1951 in Seinäjoki, a city in South Ostrobothnia. Jussit is still the only provincial choir in Finland, a choir that assembles men to rehearsals and performances from all over the large region of Ostrobothnia. Jussit sings mostly traditional choral music and regional folk songs, but also modern choral music is performed regularly. The choir consists of over 50 men and gives several concerts yearly in Finland and sometimes also abroad. Members of the choir have also formed smaller groups that perform frequently. Jussit has released 15 recordings to date: LPs, singles, cassettes, CDs and a DVD. The choir has taken part in several festivals and competitions in Europe, the United States of America and Canada sometimes with great success. The choir has also visited China, Japan and Australia, among others.

The conductor of Jussit

KRISTIAN HEBERG (born 1988) is a talented Finnish conductor and pianist. He has been conducting various choirs in Finland for many years and was invited to conduct Jussit since the fall of 2022. Kristian Heberg lives in Kempele, near the city of Oulu.